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PDR-Separations is an instrument manufacturing company focused on services and hardware/software products for method development, prep purification, and process control, especially in HPLC/UHPLC/SFC/CCC/CPC/SMB/MCC/Pat applications.

At PDR-Separations the main focus has always been facilitating and encouraging a very deterministic and largely automated “assembly line” from molecule development to purified molecules by:

(a) rapidly screening separation methods,

(b) selecting the best method for purification pragmatically, and then

(c) purifying from milligrams to tons efficiently and with as much automation as possible.

All AutoPDR software applications share a common chromatographic-only user interface. Chromatographic parameters are translated into hardware commands by device drivers, simplifying method transfer and staff training because the user interface is always the same regardless of system differences.

In most cases, we use your pumps and UV detectors with our hardware modules and software to configure a new system with improved capabilities and walk-away automation.

Gary W Yanik

Extensive expertise in applying physics, mathematics, engineering, software, and chemistry to the development and volume manufacture of successful instruments and systems. Design and development skills include optics/lasers, electronics, mechanics, and software. Application skills include HPLC/UHPLC/SFC/CCC/CPC/SMB/MCC/Pat and especially method development, prep purification, and process control.

BS in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry at University of Michigan (1970) and Engineering Management degree from California Institute of Technology. At University of Michigan developed instrumentation to accurately measure g-factor of positrons (anti-particles); at Hale Observatories developed photon-counting imaging spectrometers and polarimeters for characterizing distant galaxies and the expansion of the Universe; as Technical Director at Hughes Aircraft and United Technologies (aerospace) developed multi-sensor suites for detection and tracking of ballistic missiles (SDI) and laser radar guidance systems for cruise missiles; as VP of Product Development at Thermo Separation Products developed photodiode array detectors, autosamplers, and HPLC pumps.


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