DALP-Sugar- A QC lab supporting production of a food additives exhibiting optical activity and no chromophore inside a large manufacturing company


The QC lab was struggling to process samples fast enough and accurately enough using Refractive Index (RI) detection and production was increasing


The company’s QC lab manager needed to increase throughput and accuracy to support increasing production requirements

After discussions with PDR-Separations the company decided to replace all RI detectors with PDR-Separations Advanced Laser Polarimeters (ALP). These ALPs have been running since 1999 without issues.

In 2021 ALPs were upgraded to Digital Advanced Laser Polarimeters (DALP).


QC Samples are processed faster with more accurate results, down-time was essentially eliminated.

ALP/DALP robustness and convenience have been impressive, no failures and fully automated operation.

Critical ALP/DALP components, lasers, have lasted 10+ years while operated 24/7/365.

The company lab no longer needs to have as many backup systems to support continuous production.

Overall results show the QC Lab now processes 4 times more samples with improved accuracy in 70% of the space with 60% of the previous staff.

The combination of increased sensitivity and accuracy, along with impressive robustness and streamlined QC removed the previous QC bottle-neck from production.

The company’s original investment in ALPs represented an excellent ROI especially since the ALP to DALP upgrades cost a fraction of the purchase price of a new DALP.