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Eluent Mixers, Column Selectors,
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New AutoPrep Methods with Cycles

New AutoPrep Methods are composed of Cycles. If you change a parameter during a repeat-injections run, a new Cycle-line is created to reflect new set of parameters for following injections and the run continues. A single Method can have multiple Cycles having different parameters. This allows CCC/CPC methods to have Fill, Equilibrate, Load, and Extrude […]

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Composition/Concentration Monitor (CCM)
for Flowing Streams

Composition/Concentration Monitor (CCM) “looks inside” flowing streams and plots real-time concentration for each chemical type, reducing or eliminating the need for sample extractions and off-line analyses. Spectra can be acquired by Agilent DAD, PDR FiberDAD, etc. Applications include  chromatography and processing. See “read more” below and new brochure under Products/CCM.  

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Automated Method Development

Method development bottlenecks can be minimized with good planning, setup, procedures and techniques. For each method development station to be automated, users should start by building and optimizing a table of useful columns and solvents appropriate for the column selector and eluent mixer.

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