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Monthly Archives: January 2018

New AutoPrep Methods with Cycles

New AutoPrep Methods are composed of Cycles. If you change a parameter during a repeat-injections run, a new Cycle-line is created to reflect new set of parameters for following injections and the run continues. A single Method can have multiple Cycles having different parameters. This allows CCC/CPC methods to have Fill, Equilibrate, Load, and Extrude […]

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Composition/Concentration Monitor (CCM)
for Flowing Streams

Composition/Concentration Monitor (CCM) “looks inside” flowing streams and plots real-time concentration for each chemical type, reducing or eliminating the need for sample extractions and off-line analyses. Spectra can be acquired by Agilent DAD, PDR FiberDAD, etc. Applications include  chromatography and processing. See “read more” below and new brochure under Products/CCM.  

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